About me

Hello fellow outdoor lover

I’m Mara, hyperactive and a happy camper. I’m an outdoor junkie, I love the mountains and I always crave for activities in my happy place. I wanna have epic weekends and a great time with friends outdoors and mainly in the mountains. Since this requests a lot of preparation, I’m gonna share here some (hopefully) useful information. This Blog should be an inspiration for outdoor adventures and epic weekend activities or gives you ideas for traveling.
By the way, I’m a very bad skier, a quiet bad climber and not very talented on my bike neither, but hey it’s about having fun and not about performance!

I currently live in Valais (Switzerland) but I love to travel and to discover new places.
I can’t stand sitting on the beach so you won’t find shopping tips for lazy, pampering weekends 😜

If you want to follow me you can do that via Instagram Outdoormountainjunkie et Mara!


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If you need help with anything digital like Website Optimization, UX Analysis, Content Marketing, set up of a Social Media Strategy, a Digital Strategy or Paid Advertising or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I’m a specialized Digital Marketing Manager with a strong interest in outdoor activities, Photography, Sustainability and Nature in general.