Multipitch Currucuclillo

SPAIN | We had to come back to this place. After climbing in Rodellar we went back to Riglos and decided to do two more multipitches on this fantastic conglomerate. The first one was on Colorado, a Mallos pequeño, a really easy one on grade 6a (the first 4 pictures). The view on the main mallos was pretty awesome. But I have to say that the rock quality is slighlty inferior here. You have to test every move first and there are a lot of falling stones.

The second day we did Currucuclillo 6a+ on a very vertical line. From here you have the best view on ‘Fiesta de los bísceps’ which ends overhanging in a 6c+😳 It was very beautiful and definitely the best route we have done there.

Where: Riglos, Spain

What: amazing multipitches for all levels! We did Currucucillio 6a+, 200m, bolting is friendly, difficult parts are very well protected

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