Mountainbiking Nessel

SWITZERLAND | This trail is still one of my favorites in Valais. The panorama is epic and the trail is technical, but not too hard. There were no bikers and almost no hikers, so we could enjoy it to the fullest.

Where: You go up by cable car to Belalp (there is also a street if you want to pedal up), then turn west and you see already the trail, it’s indicated all the time, so you can’t miss it, Nessel, then all the way down to Bitsch, and because we had the car in Naters we went to Naters, but actually the trail finishes in Visp.

What: Singletrail of quality 😋 only takes 4h, 17m and only 300m uphill

Nora has never seen the Aletsch glacier before.

Making friends with the locals

A headless cow

As you can see, it’s boiling hot!
The best part in the forest

The Aletsch glacier from far, in 2100 you don’t see it anymore 😦

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