Mountaineering: Nadelhorn

SWITZERLAND | It’s high season for mountaineering, that means fully booked huts and a lot of mountaineers in the mountains. This weekend we went to the Nadelhorn, an easy mountain of 4327m. The hike up to the Mischabelhütte is pretty cool, it’s almost a Via Ferrata, I loved it! The hut has the most adorable staff I have ever met in a hut. From the hut you can go to different mountains, so you can stay there multiple days!

Where: Saas-Fee, Mischabelhütte, from there you can go to Lenzspitze, Ulrichshorn, Dürrenhorn, Stecknadelhorn or Nadelhorn

What: We did the Nadelhorn, 1:45h to the Windjoch and then we had 1:15h to the summit due to perfect snow conditions. The sunrise was spectacular 😍 We started one hour earlier to avoid the crowd, but it was actually pretty well distributed. I can highly recommend this summit, because the views are spectacular!

The helicopter is hopefully bringing beer 🙂
Saas-Fee looks somehow sad in summer!
The sun comes out!
You see the path to Stecknadelhorn in the background!

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