Biking the Sustenpass

SWITZERLAND | Biking down from the Sustenpass was a reoccurring discussion after my friends did this trail 2 years ago. They were talking about this epic trail every time we went to Hasliberg. But to do this trail you need to take the bus up to the Sustenpass first (1:22h from Meiringen). So it’s kind of a hassle to go there. But let me tell you, it was so worth it. We did over 1000m downhill, there were not many hikers, the trail is difficult and the panorama epic.

Where: Sustenpass all the way down to Innertkirchen

What: an amazing, technically difficult trail with an epic panorama

There is still snow up here, but it’s still boiling hot.
Reunion after 6 months!
This panorama!

The bridge over this river is not there anymore, so Ciril takes the alternative (the girls were walking down)
Killing it

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