Mountaineering: Ishinca

PERU |We arrived yesterday in the base camp and chilled the whole afternoon. We have two tents (one for Ugo and one for Carlo and me), a kitchen tent, a dining tent and a toilet tent. The base camp is at 4300m and it’s actually a huge platform full of cows, donkeys and tents. From here you see the huge Tocllaraju watching you, it is very intimidating.

Today we started at 2:40 am and walked up to Inshinca 5560m mostly on rocks and the last part on snow. It’s crazy how slow you get at 5000m every step is so slow and exhausting.

The view from the top was stunning and we enjoyed it a lot. The only thing is the weather is the Andes is very crazy, incredibly cold then super hot again. I had two down jackets and 3 pairs of different gloves. So everything is more complicated than in the alps.

Where: Cordillera Blanca, Ishinca 5530m

What: easy mountaineering for acclimatization, nice circle where you don’t walk the same way back.

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