Mountainbiking to Maras

PERU | We rented today mountainbikes to visit Moray with the special terraces where the Inkas tried to grow different vegetables and grains because the temperature is different (+/-10 degrees) on every terrace. And then the salt production in Salineras de Maras which is impressive and absolutely beautiful! Overall it’s a pretty easy trail, but absolutely worth it.

Where: Take the taxi in Cusco till Chancadora and then you can pedal to Moray where you see the terraces. From there we went to Maras where an awesome trail to the Salineras de Maras is. From there you are almost in Urubamba where you take the bus back.

What: Well the bikes are pretty rubish without brakes or suspensions, but since it’s mostly flat that’s okay. It’s not a single trail, but the panorama is amazing! Biking on the altitude of 3500m needs a little more effort than usual. We paid 70 soles for the bikes with the equipment.

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