Exploring the jungle

PERU | We are currently in Peru. Our first stop is the Amazon rainforest in Madre de Dios. To go there you need to take an airplane, a bus and 2h boat ride and then there is nothing but the lodge. It’s an amazing place in the middle of the rainforest. If you watch it from above (there is an observation tower of 42m) you can see how big this forest is, it’s incredible.

We went watching wild animals, but since it is pretty cold right now, there wasn’t a lot of activity (I would sleep aswell in this cold). But we still saw tons of birds, tarantulas, otters, monkeys etc. Especially cool was it to go for a walk at night because it’s pitch black and you can hear all the animals (and have no idea what it is 😂)

Where: Madre de Dios, Explorer’s Inn, located on the river Madre de Dios

What: Amazing experience, if you like nature and animals. Especially insects 🐜 are easy to observe! And it’s so relaxing without internet connection. In the evening they still watched the Peru-Denmark match all together on a tiny television 😂

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